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Every book lover knows the thrill. A hot summer day. A porch swing, a hammock, a long curve in the beach — and a great, transporting read.

Maybe it's lords and ladies that first took you there. Or Spanish romance. High plains gunfire. Down and dirty spies. High-blown history. Distant lands.

This hour we're asking top book mavens for their recommendations this summer. We've got a white tiger, and fear and yoga in New Jersey. Black flies, a black dove, Gandhi, Churchill, and 1434.

This hour, On Point: Great summer reads, '08.Guests:

Tim Smith, buyer and manager of Schuler Books and Music in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Liesl Schillinger, contributor to The New York Times Book Review.

Deirdre Donahue, book reviewer for USA Today.

This program aired on June 2, 2008.


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