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On the presidential campaign trail it is "veepstakes" season: John McCain and Barack Obama, being watched everyday now for any hint of who they'll pick to complete their ticket.

McCain would be 72 on inauguration day — the oldest president ever sworn in. How old should his running mate be? And who?

Obama, first African-American candidate on the home stretch. Should he bring more firsts to the White House? Should he bring Hillary Clinton?

This hour, On Point: Running mate math. McCain and Obama search for their VP partners.Guests:

Howard Fineman, senior Washington correspondent and columnist for Newsweek magazine and an analyst for NBC News. He's author of "The Thirteen American Arguments: Enduring Debates That Define and Inspire Our Country."

Celinda Lake, Democratic strategist and pollster. She's co-author of "What Women Want."

David Hill, a Republican strategist at his own firm, Hill Research Consultants, he writes a column on polling and campaigns for The Hill, a newspaper that covers Congress.

This program aired on June 16, 2008.


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