The Science of Spirituality

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Varanasi, India, December 2001. (AP Photo/Amit Bhargava)
Varanasi, India, December 2001. (AP Photo/Amit Bhargava)

Science and faith aren't at war with each other, says renowned Harvard psychiatrist George Vaillant. They're just in different parts of the brain.

We're hardwired for faith, hope, love and joy, Vaillant says. There's more spirituality in our genes than perhaps even our Sunday School classes.

Does this sound like sacrilege? Or, solid science?

Either way, it's a big, bold controversial view. And Vaillant comes armed with data from the lab and his own pioneering research into adult development. We'll hear him out.

This hour, On Point: Faith, science, and "Spiritual Evolution."George Vaillant, research psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School, he has directed Harvard's Study of Adult Development for 35 years. His new book is "Spiritual Evolution: A Scientific Defense of Faith."
Peter Manseau, editor of Science and Spirit magazine and co-author of "Killing The Buddha: A Heretic's Bible."

This program aired on July 1, 2008.


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