Hello, and hold the phone...

Wow, I'm loving this new site already! Thanks for all the comments. Plenty to consider there.

(What do we call half black and half white in America? Well, right or wrong, in our culture, we tend to say black. Which is telling and relevant in itself...  And may not satisfy you, contributor David...)

And just as it all comes up, I am headed out for a little R&R. So take it away, everybody... the show goes on. I'll be back on the microphone in plenty of time to pack our bags and rev up for Denver and St. Paul. Right now, I'm headed deep into summer pleasures. Hope you are, too. Please keep your good comments coming. Back soon!

Best, Tom

P.S. speaking of Beijing and hutong, here's me, the fam, and friends, circa 1983, a few blocks from Tiananmen. Good hutong memories!

This program aired on August 1, 2008. The audio for this program is not available.


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