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When it comes to food — good, celebratory, delicious food — many an American cook and kitchen found liberation in the pages of "The Silver Palate" cookbook.

Pesto and Dijonaise, fresh basil and walnut oil, olives and apricots and fine cheese and chiles.

Years on now, "Silver Palate" cookbook doyenne, chef, and food writer Sheila Lukins is still at it, with new recipes for beet and apple soup, lemon dill parsnip, Saigon shrimp and tango burgers.

The American palate is evolving, she says. We’ll ask how.

This hour, On Point: Sheila Lukins on the American cook and palate now.

You can join the conversation. Did you find your courage in the kitchen in the pages of "The Silver Palate"? What did you love? And where is your home-cooking turning today?Guest:

Sheila Lukins is a chef, cooking teacher, food writer, and co-author of the bestselling 1979 cookbook “The Silver Palate,” as well as “The New Basics Cookbook” and “Celebrate!” She is food editor of Parade Magazine. Her new cookbook is “Ten: All the foods we love…and ten recipes for each.”
See two recipes from the book: Carrot Ginger Soup and Buffalo Shrimp.

This program aired on October 24, 2008.


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