Voters on the Road Ahead

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Voters huddle over booths as others fill the area behind waiting shortly after the polls opened in the basement of the Greenwood Christian Church Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Voters in Seattle, Washington, on Nov. 4, 2008. (AP)

Over the winding months of the ’08 campaign, we talked with many voters — young, old, rich, poor, white, black, and more.

They were invested in John McCain. Invested in Barack Obama. Invested in this country’s future in very tangible ways, and invested in the aspirations and ideals of America — but with many takes on those ideals and the best path to them.

Today, post-election, we’ve invited them back. This hour, On Point: Regular citizens — right, left and center — on the vote just delivered.

You can join the conversation. Whatever your political stripe, what do you see ahead for the country as we leave the elections behind? How are you sizing up this moment and its possibilities?Guests:

Joining us from Denver, Colorado, is John Scheppler. He’s 50 and married with three children, and owns the Orning Glass Company in Ames, Iowa. He joined us back in January before the Iowa caucuses. He supported Mike Huckabee then, and voted for John McCain on Tuesday.

With us from Indianapolis, Indiana, is Deb Peters. She's a small business woman, and joined us in October to talk about the financial crisis and the campaign. She’s a registered Republican, but regularly votes for candidates from both parties. This time she voted for McCain.

From Waterville, Maine, is Suzanne Merkelson. She's a 21-year-old senior at Colby College and editor-in-chief of The Colby Echo. She joined us last month to talk politics and the youth vote. She voted for Barack Obama.

And with us from Raleigh, North Carolina, is Brad Thompson. He's 60, has four children, and is African-American. He runs an advocacy agency for non-profits. We met Brad at the Democratic National Convention, where he was a delegate in Denver. He voted for Obama.

This program aired on November 6, 2008.


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