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Executive Officer Alan Mulally, testify on Capitol Hill in Washington, Nov. 19, 2008, before a House Financial Services Committee hearing on the automotive industry bailout.   (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
Auto industry executives testify on Capitol Hill, Nov. 19, 2008. (AP)

Barack Obama’s cabinet begins to take shape, with a Clinton-era flavor, and maybe a Clinton — as in Hillary.

The Big Three CEOs fly to Washington in three private jets — no jet-pooling — and get their tailpipes kicked by an angry Congress. No bailout yet.

Wall Street takes another huge swan dive. A sharp Gitmo ruling. A deal — and protests — over U.S. forces in Iraq. Al Qaeda’s Number Two calls Obama America’s “house slave.” And a Somali pirate ship goes down under Indian guns.

This hour, On Point: Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.Guests:

From New York, we're joined by Diane Brady, senior editor at BusinessWeek.

Joining us from Washington is Joseph Williams, deputy Washington bureau chief for The Boston Globe. His article "Will Lincoln's 'team of rivals' play today" appears in today's Globe.

And from Hanover, New Hampshire, is Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst and senior editor at The Atlantic.

This program aired on November 21, 2008.


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