Searching for Asia's Sizzling Recipes

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We go on the road to hot and sour China and beyond with intrepid cookbook authors Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid.

Street vendor by Gat Luang, Chiang Mai, Thailand. (NAOMI DUGUID)
Street vendor by Gat Luang, Chiang Mai, Thailand. (NAOMI DUGUID)

Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid travel the world and bring home its flavors, its food. And they do it like explorers.

For the taste of Southeast Asia, they followed the Mekong River from near its source on the Tibetan plateau, down through China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to the South China Sea. And that’s just for one cookbook.

They’ve been called culinary anthropologists. But these are anthropologists whose work you want to eat. Sizzling. Steamed. Stir-fried. Fragrant.

This hour, On Point: On the road and in the kitchen with the well-fed explorers, Alford and Duguid.


Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid, award-winning cookbook authors, join us from Toronto. They're the authors of "Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia" and, most recently, "Beyond the Great Wall: Recipes and Travels in the Other China." Their latest web venture is

This program aired on December 18, 2008.


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