The View from Florida

Update (2/9/08): The New York Times ran a big front-page story on Sunday about Florida's housing collapse, focused on Lehigh Acres. The piece notes that President Obama is scheduled to visit Fort Myers on Tuesday to promote the stimulus plan.

We've had lots of calls and comments from Florida listeners during today's second hour with George Packer. Some are right in the thick of the foreclosure crisis, like Yves Tony from Lehigh Acres, near Fort Myers:

I live in foreclosure ground zero, Lehigh Acres. I got caught right in the middle of the mess, having bought a house in mid-2006. I am fighting really hard to keep my house, but I am several months late on my mortgage yet.

If the bank does not negotiate with me, I am just gonna have to let it go. I have no hard feelings against anybody, because nobody is really winning in this situation. Everybody is partly to blame; I accept my responsability and will move on. The banks, the developers and any other party to this mess need to do the same.

Others got out when they saw it coming. Check out their comments and join the conversation.

This program aired on February 4, 2009. The audio for this program is not available.


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