When Health Hits Home

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Time cover.
When it comes to health care, you may think you’re covered — that all the talk about reform is somebody else’s issue.

Karen Tumulty’s brother Patrick thought he was OK. Then Patrick’s kidneys gave out. And suddenly, despite his insurance, the bills were ruinous.

His sister happened to have a big megaphone. Now she’s telling his story. It’s the story of millions of Americans as the country girds for debate over health-care reform.

This hour, On Point: Covered, and vulnerable, in America. One brother, one sister, and a story that brings the health-care crisis home.

You can join the conversation. Are you really covered? Are you sure? What’s the way out of this mess?Guests:

Joining us from Washington is Karen Tumulty, Time magazine's national political correspondent. Her cover story, "The Health-Care Crisis Hits Home," illuminates her brother's struggles with today's health-care system.

And with us from New York is Jonathan Oberlander, associate professor of social medicine and health policy & management at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and currently a visiting scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation. He is the author of "The Political Life of Medicare."

This program aired on March 9, 2009.


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