Economic Glimmers of Hope?

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A shopper makes her way down an aisle at a Wal-Mart store in Indianapolis, Thursday, April 9, 2009. March same-store sales fell for the sixth straight month, as consumers continued to shop cautiously and stick mostly to necessities such as food, but there were some glimmers of stabilization in retailers' reports on Thursday. (AP)
A shopper makes her way down an aisle at a Wal-Mart store in Indianapolis on April 9, 2009. (AP)

Waiting for the economic crisis to end may be like waiting out an earthquake.

It’s larger than life, it’s dangerous, it shakes everything, you want it to be over. You want to believe it’s finished, or ending. But it could get worse. And the destruction is all around.

In a major speech on the economy yesterday, President Obama cited “glimmers of hope” and more difficulty ahead. We must put the economy on a new foundation, he said. That sounds like one big job.

This hour, On Point: We’ll ask where this economy stands now, and what it will look like when it turns around.

You can join the conversation. Are you seeing the “green shoots” of an economic springtime in your world yet? Or not?

Tell us what you think — here on this page, on Twitter, and on Facebook.Guests:

Joining us from Washington is Greg Ip, U.S. economics editor for The Economist.

Also from Washington is Chris Varvares, president of Macroeconomic Advisers, a research firm that forecasts the U.S. economic outlook, and president of the National Association for Business Economics.

And in our studio, we're joined by Allen Sinai, chief global economist and president of Decision Economics, a financial advisory firm based in New York, Boston, and London.

This program aired on April 15, 2009.


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