Religion Found and Lost

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Losing My Religion
Award-winning journalist William Lobdell grew up an indifferent Episcopalian. Drifted from faith. By age 28, his life was a mess. He couldn’t stand the person he’d become. A friend told him, “You need God.”

Lobdell found Jesus. Felt his heart split wide open. Was born again, to the tune of Amazing Grace. Was saved.

And then, over fifteen years, it all fell apart. Now, Lobdell puts himself in the ranks of American atheists. And he’s telling the wrenching story of his journey into and out of faith.

This hour, On Point: William Lobdell and his new book, “Losing My Religion.”

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William Lobdell joins us from Culver City, California.  He covered religion for the Los Angeles Times for eight years, first as a columnist, then as beat reporter. His new book is "Losing My Religion: How I Lost my Faith Reporting on Religion in America – And Found Unexpected Peace." Christianity Today chairman John Huffman calls it a “must read filled with warnings and wake-up calls” for the faithful.

You can read excerpts from "Losing My Religion" at his website. You can also browse excerpts at

This program aired on April 29, 2009.


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