Headwinds for Wind Power

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Wind Turbine
A Clipper Windpower turbine (photo:

For decades, every time green energy got a foothold, a drop in oil prices or a change in tax policy would knock it down again.

Last year, with oil prices at $140 a barrel, the future looked glorious for green energy. Now, oil’s back at a fraction of that. The economy’s in the dumps. Future, unclear.

This hour, On Point: We’ll look at the struggles of one Iowa wind turbine plant, and what they tell us about taking American energy green.

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James Dehlsen, founder and chairman of Clipper Windpower. He has been working in the wind-turbine industry since  1980.

Jeffrey Ball, environmental editor and Power Shift columnist for The Wall Street Journal, where he has been writing about energy and the environment for more than a decade. His latest column is “Alternative Energy’s Fortunes Shift with the Winds."

Chet Culver, governor of Iowa. A Democrat, he took office in 2007 and is an outspoken advocate of wind power.

This program aired on May 11, 2009.


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