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Elmore Leonard
Elmore Leonard

He started with Westerns, way back in the 1950s — “3:10 to Yuma” and more. He made his big name with smart, tight, fast thrillers that readers — and Hollywood — couldn’t get enough of: “Get Shorty,” “Jackie Brown,” “Be Cool,” “Out of Sight.”

Now Elmore Leonard is out with his 43rd: “Road Dogs.” It goes right at sex, friendship, loyalty and money — and whether anyone, especially a crook, can have them all.

This hour, On Point: The master, Elmore Leonard, on the crime thriller and “Road Dogs.”

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Elmore Leonard joins us from Detroit, Michigan. He's the bestselling author of over 40 novels – Westerns and crime thrillers and mysteries. The New York Times calls him “the greatest living writer of crime fiction.” His new book, out this month, is “Road Dogs."
You can read the first eight chapters of "Road Dogs" at

From Cambridge, Mass., we're joined by Robert Pinsky, former poet laureate of the United States and professor of English at Boston University. His review of "Road Dogs" appears in this Sunday's New York Times Book Review.

This program aired on May 29, 2009.


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