Icky Creatures

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Banana Slug on Redwood tree. (Photo: eyesontheroad/
Banana Slug on Redwood tree. (Photo: eyesontheroad/

Gardner-journalist Constance Casey has made a specialty of "icky" creatures.  She can tell you all about vultures and slugs, ticks and jellyfish. The love life and dead fish consumption of snapping turtles.

Yes, they look bad, she concedes.  But they have their place in the world.

This hour, On Point: icky creatures up close, with Constance Casey.

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Constance Casey is a former newspaper editor and New York City Parks Department gardener.  Last summer, she started an ongoing series on revolting creatures for Slate.  She's covered ticks, jellyfish, vultures, and slugs.  Her next article is about snapping turtles. She writes at The Observant Gardener.

James Harding is a naturalist and a wildlife specialist at Michigan State University.  He's the "critter guy" for MSU Museum’s Wildlife and Natural History Question Line.  His specializes in amphibians and reptiles, especially turtles.

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This program aired on July 13, 2009.


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