Why We Need Architecture

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A year ago, with a giant economic stimulus package in the works, many Americans envisioned a rebuilt nation. Infrastructure. Bridges. Green cities.

It hasn’t exactly happened. But the design of all that surrounds us — all that’s built, old and new — is a daily message to us about who we are and what we aspire to.

Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Paul Goldberger wants to remind us of why architecture matters, in shaping lives and cultures. From ancient Rome to the next wave of American — or Asian — building.

This hour, On Point: Paul Goldberger, on the power of the built world around us.

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Paul Goldberger, Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic and Sky Line columnist for The New Yorker. He's professor of design and architecture at The New School, and author of several books, including "Up From Zero: Politics, Architecture, and the Rebuilding of New York" and "Building Up and Tearing Down: Reflections on the Age of Architecture." His latest is "Why Architecture Matters."
Read an excerpt from "Why Architecture Matters."

Richard Meier is a Pritzker Prize-winning architect. He's designed many world-renowned buildings, including the High Museum (Atlanta), the Frankfurt Museum for Decorative Arts, the Hartford Seminary, the Atheneum (New Harmony, IN), and the Getty Center (Los Angeles).
See a gallery of designs by Richard Meier & Partners Architects.

This program aired on November 11, 2009.


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