Return of the Wild

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We’re in a century that biologists fear will bring a “great extinction.” Half of all species on Earth, gone, by this century’s end. Wildlife populations cut so deeply that the process of evolution itself could be stopped.

But around the world, committed conservationists are girding to battle that on a scale and with a vision bigger than ever before. They call it “rewilding.” Bringing back and reconnecting swaths of wild Earth and animals on a grand scale.

Our guest, Caroline Fraser, has been out tracking their progress.

This hour, On Point: on the front lines of “rewilding” the Earth.

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Caroline Fraser joins us from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She's the author of "Rewilding the World: Dispatches from the Conservation Revolution."  For the past several years, she's traveled all seven continents reporting on large-scale and transborder conservation projects. 
Read an excerpt (pdf) from "Rewilding the World."

Joining us from Albany, Australia, is Keith Bradby, coordinator of Gondwana Link, a rewilding project that aims to protect a large swath of land in southwest Australia -- from the wet karri forests of the far south west to the woodlands bordering the Nullarbor Plain.

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See a slideshow of Caroline's photos from the conservation frontlines at Scientific American.

Connect with conservation organizations that work on "rewilding."

This program aired on January 7, 2010.


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