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Tom Brokaw's America24:05

This article is more than 10 years old.
(Photo: USA Network)
(Photo: USA Network)

He became a bestselling chronicler of American culture and history with his book “The Greatest Generation.”

Now, in the midst of the country’s greatest economic challenge in generations, Brokaw has gone back on the road — on U.S. Highway 50, across the middle of the country, coast to coast.

He's been talking with Americans about what they’re up against now, and their hopes and fears for the next generation.

This hour, On Point: A conversation with Tom Brokaw about his conversations on the road across America.

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Tom Brokaw joins us from Los Angeles. The former anchor of NBC's "Nightly News,” “Today,” and “Meet the Press," he's now a special correspondent for NBC News. His new TV documentary, premiering January 18 on the USA Network, is "American Character Along Highway 50."   You can watch video dispatches from the road trip at the documentary's website.

This program aired on January 12, 2010.

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