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Stress on College Students45:38

This article is more than 8 years old.

Two new reports leave a question: Are college students too stressed out? Or are they just fooling around?

George Mason University students, Dec 14, 2010. (AP)
George Mason University students, Dec 14, 2010. (AP)

Two sets of headlines were published recently on American college students. One set said college kids today are barely studying, and barely learning. The other set said they’re more stressed out than ever. Those sound contradictory.

So what’s going on?

The country needs a new generation of sharp college grads to march out of school and save the nation. College students need an education to prepare them for success, and an economy to make it possible. Is any of this happening? Is enough of it happening?

For the students, for the country, we ask what’s going on at college.
-Tom Ashbrook

Richard Arum, sociology and education professor at New York University. Co-Author of the new book “Academically Adift: Limited Learning on College Campuses."

John Pryor, director or the Cooperative Institutional Research Program at UCLA.

Debra Crisp, training Coordinator at Western Kentucky University's Counseling and Testing Center. She also serves as one of the counselors there and teaches in the psychology department.

Jonathan Ernst, editor-in-chief of the University News, the school paper for St. Louis University.

Michelle Monroe, editor-in-chief of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the paper for the University of Arizona.

This program aired on February 1, 2011.

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