They Might Be Giants

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Alt-rock pioneers “They Might Be Giants” are rocking again. They’ll be with us.

They Might Be Giants (Shervin Lainez)
They Might Be Giants (Shervin Lainez)

Back when Gun n’ Roses and Twisted Sister were big, two young guys with coke bottle glasses, dorky hair cuts, and an accordion walked on stage, turned on a drum machine, and made alt-rock.

“They Might Be Giants” was a great name that became a great, fresh player in the alternative rock universe.  The forever young grand-daddies of Green Day and a lot more.  They’re back.

This hour On Point:  “They Might Be Giants”.

-Tom Ashbrook


John Flansburgh, , singer, guitarist, and co-songwriter for They Might Be Giants.

John Linnell, singer, co-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist for They Might Be Giants – playing instruments like accordion, saxophone, clarinet, and keyboards for the group.

Marty Beller, drummer for They Might Be Giants since 2004.


Can’t Keep Johnny Down - Join Us
Cloissoné - Join Us
Birdhouse In Your Soul - Flood
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - Flood (live)
Canajoharie - Join Us
Particle Man - Flood
Bed Bed Bed - No!
Judy is Your Viet Nam - Join Us
The Lady And The Tiger - Join Us
Three Might Be Duende - Join Us
Dog On Fire written by Bob Mould
When Will You Die - Join Us
Celebration - Join Us

This program aired on September 30, 2011.


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