Rob Portman Aims At Big Jobs Plan, Immigration Reform

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman (R) joined us to explain some of his party's plans on the economic and employment front. But his ideas on reviving the Republican Party's popular support could apply to both major American political groupings.

"Both parties are under water, in terms of the brand of the party," Portman told guest host John Harwood. With immigration reform, trade agreements and extended unemployment aid, Portman thinks the Republican Party can come out ahead in the run up to the 2014 midterm elections.

"If the election were held tomorrow, we would get a Senate majority," Portman said. The GOP needs a net gain of six seats to win control of the Senate this fall, and many general and state polls show that gain to be within reasonable reach. (Of course, we're still more than seven months out from election day' a lot could happen between now and Tuesday, Nov. 4).

What do you make of Portman's call for increased trade and a "fair" immigration system? Will his ideas help his party win the Senate this fall and the White House in two years?
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