Our Week In The Web: April 11, 2014

As you might have noticed across our web platforms this week, we here at On Point are heavily dedicated to showing the real stories behind the anonymous folk who produce our daily shows. It's a casual, here and again type of thing — a collection of stripey cats here, a personal music reflection there — but it's something we're trying out as we move forward. We know that you enjoyed our collection of animal pictures (how could you NOT adore this precious little legislatively-named puppy, we ask you that?), but we have to wonder about the larger success of the effort. We want to hear the kinds of behind the scenes, in the trenches snapshots you might want to see, both here, on our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr feeds and on air. What do you what do know about our work process? What can do to make you feel more connected with the program and the people who produce it? Let us know in the comments below, or on Facebook, Tumblr and @OnPointRadio. And thanks. We're here for and because of you, and we appreciate it.

The Most Listened-To Shows Online (4/04 – 4/11)

1. Errol Morris Turns His Lens On Donald Rumsfeld (April 7, 2014)

2. Week In the New: Fort Hood, GM, Obamacare (April 4, 2014)

3. Cats, Dogs And our Legal Love Affair With Our Pets (April 9, 2014)

4. Jindal, Portman And The GOP Leaders Of Today (April, 8, 2014)

5. The New Realities Of The ‘Soft War’ On Women In The Workplace (April, 10 2014)

Our Favorite Guest Quotes From This Week

"In the White House, there are all these 24, 25 year-olds who think they're more important than the Chief of Staff." — Armando Iannucci

"There's a practical benefit to having governors run for President." — Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA)

"Include me in the category of people who've seen my film recently and aren't sure what to think." — Errol Morris 

"We have to get away from thinking that if women succeed, then men can't. It's not a zero-sum game." — Rosalind Barnett

Our Favorite Comments (Facebook, Twitter and Disqus) From This Week

"Guest on @OnPointRadio just made distinction—using “sponsor” like i use “mentor.” noted: let us all be better sponsors, better *advocates.*" (@weboesel)

"I've always loved On Point , and now I find you're even cat people. No wonder your show is so intelligent and insightful!" (MountainGal)

"Thank you Jessica for a mind opening discussion. It's very rare to hear a panel of all female voices. So often in broadcasting and in life, we have to listen to panels of men blabbing about themselves and other topics (ie, sports). We need more all female discussions on any variety of topics. It's obvious that women's voices are important." (Douce Sauvage)

"The Triple-A; Buffalo Bisons, play @ Coca-Cola Field---in downtown Buffalo, NY. They are very well supported by the local community through the summer months. We have a very loyal fan-base. I have always contended that this City has a very very loyal National-Pastime fan-base. If---say---the Tampa Bay Rays moved to Buffalo, NY~~~there would be sell-outs---every other week. That is because Buffalo, NY oozes more NY Yankees, and Boston Red Sox fans---than New York City, and Boston---respectively!!" (Lou Marconi)

Our Favorite Bit Of Internet This Week

This local news bit of a woman reacting to hail destroying her windshield in Texas (YouTube)


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