Explaining And Exploring The Proposed EPA Regulations

A lengthy series of carbon emission regulations put out by the US Environmental Protection Agency this week lead to political speeches, public denunciations and environmentalist praise, among other bits and pieces around the media landscape.

The long-awaited regulations also lead to our Tuesday broadcast exploring the future of environmental protection and energy policy in the United States.

Our guest, Wall Street Journal energy policy reporter Amy Harder, laid out the basic tenets and timeline of the proposal, which ultimately aims to reduce American C02 emissions by 30 percent from 2005 levels by the year 2030.

"Between now and next summer, the EPA will be finalizing the rule and is expected to finalize the rule by June of 2015," Harder said. "Companies and states do not need to comply with the regulation until 2030, so this is a very longterm type of regulation."

Our entire hour does a pretty fantastic job exploring the policy, but in case you wanted some other resources, we've assembled a few links for your reading and listening pleasure.

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