Naomi Klein On 'Capitalism Vs. The Climate'

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Big climate protests in New York before a big UN summit.  Activist and author Naomi Klein says change the economy or die. She’s with us.

Demonstrators make their way down Sixth Avenue in New York during the People's Climate March Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014. (AP/Jason DeCrow)
Demonstrators make their way down Sixth Avenue in New York during the People's Climate March Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014. (AP/Jason DeCrow)

Three hundred thousand in the streets of New York yesterday, shouting for change on the deteriorating global climate.  More marches in more than 100 cities around the world.  And more thousands flooding Wall Street this morning, saying no more business as usual.  Steps so far aren’t cutting it.  My guest today, Naomi Klein, says there’s a reason for that.  We’re in a system, she says, that drives us toward global warming.  A system called capitalism.  It’s time to rein it in, she says.  It’s the conservative nightmare.  And a new rallying cry. This hour On Point:  climate change and capitalism.
-- Tom Ashbrook


Neela Bannerjee, energy and environmental policy reporter for the Los Angeles Times. (@neelaeast)

Naomi Klein, contributing editor for Harper’s, reporter for Rolling Stone and a syndicated columnist for The Nation and The Guardian. Her new book is “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate." On the organizing committee of Sunday's big climate protests. (@NaomiAKlein)

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The Nation: Climate Change Is a People’s Shock - "Yes, ice sheets are melting faster than the models projected, but resistance is beginning to boil. In these existing and nascent movements, we now have clear glimpses of the kind of dedication and imagination demanded of everyone who is alive and breathing during climate change’s 'decade zero.'"

The Guardian: Naomi Klein: ‘We tried it your way and we don’t have another decade to waste’ - "In a long conversation over the dining table, Klein says she is not about to purge her life of plastics or fossil fuels. She says she is not going to be trapped into 'gotcha games' about personal habits. And she is definitely not going to subscribe to the idea that climate change ranks above all other causes."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: The Mother Nature of climate protests comes Sunday with offspring here - "An estimated 1,000 organizations are working to mount the mother of all environmental demonstrations this Sunday in Manhattan. Its aim, along with other events worldwide, is the biggest impact on public consciousness since the first Earth Day in 1970."


Excerpt: "This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate" by Naomi Klein

This program aired on September 22, 2014.


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