The Explicast, Episode Three: What Is The Dow Jones Industrial Average?

You can’t escape it. It’s in the newscasts on your radio. It’s on the ticker at the bottom of your TV news. You’re not even allowed to delete the app about it from your iPhone. Whether you pay attention to the stock market or not, you likely see or hear about the Dow Jones Industrial Average almost every day.

But what exactly is the Dow? And what does it tell us about the American economy?

In this third episode of the Explicast, a new podcast from WBUR and On Point Radio with Tom Ashbrook, we explore this powerful economic indicator and learn about the mysterious cabal responsible for choosing the 30 companies included in its ranks.

This week’s query? What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Our source? Heidi Moore, finance and economics editor for the Guardian US.


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