The Explicast, Episode Six: What Does A White House Press Correspondent Do?

When major news networks cut away to a breathtaking shot of their White House Corespondent reporting from the front lawn of the Executive Mansion, it's not always clear what benefit standing on the lawn provides beyond a stunning backdrop. The White House Correspondent is a major part of the political news cycle, but it's hard to figure out what those fine men and women of the assembled press corps actually do, day in and day out.

We use our fair share of White House Press Correspondents here on On Point as Week in the News and DC-based guests, and we were lucky enough this week to have a guest host particularly suited to answer our questions about life in the Brady Briefing Room. They were questions we hopefully got answered on this week’s episode of The Explicast, a new spinoff podcast project from WBUR Boston and On Point Radio with Tom Ashbrook, answering questions that the headlines forgot to ask.

This week’s query? What does a White House Press Correspondent do?

Our source? Jessica Yellin, former CNN White House Correspondent and On Point guest host.


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