A Caller Explains How The Affordable Care Act Helped And Hurt Her

No matter what happens in the 114th Congress, changes in the Affordable Care Act are more than likely. We tackled the topic in full during our broadcast today, but one caller from Texas had a lot to add to the conversation.

Stephanie in San Marcos, TX told us her life "has been this great case study for Obamacare."

She and her husband have never had insurance — they've been self-employed for years, and her husband has a pre-existing medical condition that has made insurance difficult — and they rushed to obtain plans in the Federal healthcare exchange after the site launched in October 2013.

They obtained insurance then, but when they tried to renew their insurance at the end of 2014, their premiums doubled, one of their children aged out of the Federal S-CHIP program and they were no longer able to afford coverage as a family.

What should people like Stephanie and her family do in the face of ongoing trouble with Obamacare insurance plans, expensive health coverage and political confusion over the future of the law? Does Stephanie's story ring true for you?

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