Our Week In The Web: January 23, 2015

We're letting you know ahead of time this week that we're going to be doing a lot more on Facebook in the coming days and weeks and months. It's a space we're constantly adjusting, but we think there's more that can be done in a meaningful way with that audience. We're going to post more articles and audio links, at more times of the day, with a new focus on connecting you most to the content that matters at the time when it matters most to you. We want your feedback on these changes, and we'll look for it here, in the comments below, or on Facebook, Tumblr and @OnPointRadio. Stay tuned! (And say hello to our stellar crop of spring interns, won't you?)

The Most Listened-To Shows Online (Friday, January 16, 2015 — Friday, January 23, 2015 )

1. Free To Speak, Free To Blaspheme? Islam And Blasphemy (January 15, 2015)

2. Week In The News: French Fall Out, Immigration Reform On Deck, Oscar Nomination Surprises (January 16, 2015)

3. The State Of The Union: A Defiant Lame-Duck (January 21, 2015)

4. A Diverse Europe, On Edge (January 19, 2015)

5. Tax Reform And The Middle Class (January 20, 2015)

Our Favorite Guest Quotes From This Week

"On the factory floor we mix chemicals; in the sales room, we sell hope." — Nancy Koehn 

"You don't have to like the Grateful Dead's music to love their story." — Peter Richardson 

"The President gave a direct pitch to the middle class, which is great, since almost everybody thinks they are middle class." — Candy Crowley 

"What is it about living in mountains that would make someone see the world differently?" — Ron Rash

Our Favorite Comments (Facebook, Twitter and Disqus) From This Week

"Thanks a lot, by the way; Now I'm going to listen to nothing but The Grateful Dead all week. #WhatALongStrangeTweetItsBeen." (@Clifwith1f)

"This is like that time when you tasted beer. Somehow your jobs are the best on the planet." (Benedict Holland)

"(Dare you guys to RT it.)" (@AnnaHolmes)

Our Favorite Bit Of Internet This Week

This fascinating collection of Twitter data points from the 2015 State of the Union Address. (Twitter / Github)


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