German Pop Music, Of All Shapes And Sizes

If you heard German music critic Ralf von Appen on our broadcast this morning, you might have thought to yourself, "But where can I find the wonderful, catchy German music he mentioned during his interview?"

The answer to your searching  music inquiry is simple: all his picks are right here!*

Helene Fischer, "Und morgen fruh kuss ich Dich wach"

Helene Fischer, "Atemlos durch die Nacht"

KraftKlub, "Unsere fans"

Helene Fischer, "Fehlerfrei"

*von Appen offered the above as music that is popular in contemporary Germany. The selections here do not necessarily reflect his critical choices. Additionally, von Appen was unable to determine if Franz Schubert would have been a Helene Fischer fan, were he alive to listen to her music today. 


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