Quick Programming Note Regarding Monday's Shows

You might have noticed that our planned hours for this morning, Monday May 11th, disappeared shortly before our planned broadcast time. Some of you in the comments section of our rebroadcast replacement hours wondered — jokingly, we're sure — if the NSA had convinced us to stop airing our two hours today.

The real answer to what happened to our broadcast this morning is actually quite simple. Air travel hiccups prevented our host, Tom Ashbrook, from arriving in time for our broadcast to air. The good news is that both of today's programs — our debate on the NSA's surveillance techniques and our conversation with journalist and progressive peace activist Chris Hedges — are still happening, tomorrow, with all the same guests, at the same time. The only difference is the day.

We're working on better ways to tell listeners when programs change at a last-minute point like this, but we'd encourage you to always check our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest news. You don't even have to follow or like us to know what's happening with our broadcast.


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