On Point Interns, Summer 2015

It's a new season here in Boston — although the chilly rain of the last few days might not suggest as much — which means we have a new batch of interns in our studios!

We're so pleased to introduce our new and wonderful summer 2015 interns, who will be a big part of our production process for the next few months before shuttling off back to their respective institutions of higher education. Listen for their names in our credits, and watch for their influence on our production in the days and weeks to come!

Lily Tyson


Hometown: Pleasant Valley, CT.

School and Major: Swarthmore College (Class of 2017) | Honors Russian Major, Honors Minor in Peace and Conflict Studies and Regular Minor in English Literature.

A Thing About You That Has Nothing To Do With Radio or School: I love to bake. I have even created a few flavors of vegan cupcakes, including hot cinnamon spice and dark chocolate strawberry.

A Piece of Audio That Means Something To You, And Why: This episode of This American Life called "What Happened at Dos Erres" was one of the first pieces of audio I heard that showed me how much a reporter is able to do while telling a story with sound. The episode is not only an incredible piece of investigative reporting, but also a testament to the ability of radio to pull a listener in and make them forget that they are only listening to an episode of a show.

Aidan Connelly | @aida_nconnelly


Hometown: Hopkinton, MA

School and Major: Emerson College, (Class of 2017) | Journalism

A Thing About You That Has Nothing To Do With Radio or School: In my free time, I like to play guitar and sing with some of my closest friends.

A Piece Of Audio That Means Something To You, And Why: I've always been attached to this interview from Story Corps. I think it's sweet, and I love the way his passion soaks through his croaky voice in old age. My favorite thing to do in radio is highlight the goodness in people, and I've always looked to this interview as an example for that style done best.


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