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Our Week In The Web: July 3, 2015

This article is more than 7 years old.

There have been a great deal of programming changes around here lately — what with the US Supreme Court releasing groundbreaking decisions right when we go live to air and all — and we just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everybody online and out there listening live on their radios and computers for sticking with us. When news breaks, we want to make sure that we reflect those changes in our programming. As such, we occasionally change our scheduled shows, but we know it can be hard to keep track, especially when we forward promote the next day's broadcasts for more than 24 hours in advance. As we dropped shows like our interview with beloved children's author Judy Blume (which happened this week, by the way) or our conversation with harmonica master Howard Levy (this week, too), we wanted to say thank you to everybody for sticking with us through the changes, and fully participating in the conversations that resulted, both on air and online.

The Most Listened-To Shows Online (June 26 — July 3)

1. How Your Gut Bacteria Influences Your Emotions (June 29, 2015)

2. Week In The News: Obamacare Lives, Confederate Flag Falls, Same-Sex Marriage Becomes A Right (June 26, 2015)

3. The Supreme Court: What To Make Of The Rulings, And What’s Next (June 29, 2015)

4. Greek Debt Crisis Spirals Toward Default (June 30, 2015)

5. Supreme Court Makes Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide (June 26, 2015)

Our Favorite Guest Quotes From This Week

"Remember, never be ordinary! NBO!" — Judy Blume

"Working four weeks in a a row at 90 hours a week is not a middle class lifestyle. That's who this rule is for." — Ross Eisnebrey 

"I can predict, with 90 percent accuracy based on your microbes, if you're obese or slim." — Rob Knight

"We put humans in space because don't hold parades for robots. We hold parades for humans." — Joan Johnson-Freese

"And now, in ring number two, Baroque Germany!" — Howard Levy 

Our Favorite Comments (Facebook, Twitter and Disqus) From This Week

"So will we be turning our eyes upward to watch a war in the heavens? USA left behind? Lol." (Karen Breunig)

"Next week, Jane learns to play a piano LIVE!" (@Austin_Federa)

"A game of Republican Squares? :p" (Matthew Karlsson)

"Contact the NSA sure they can find him!!" (Trudie Baker)

Our Favorite Bit Of Internet This Week

This poor, sadly deceased and extremely tall cow in Illinois. (CBC News)


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