G.O.P. Delegate Convention Roundtable

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From Cleveland and the Republican National Convention, we sit down with Republican delegates, pro and con Donald Trump - to get their view of the man and the moment.

Bob Little from Warren Mich., salute as he observes a presentation during first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. (Matt Rourke/OH)
Bob Little from Warren Mich., salute as he observes a presentation during first day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. (Matt Rourke/OH)

We are live from Cleveland tonight for day two of the Republican National Convention. It is the night of the roll call vote of delegates, of the states, for the formal nomination of Donald J. Trump. He’s got the numbers. He’s also got determined opposition, even in the hall. We’re talking with delegates tonight, pro and con on Trump. And we’ll talk with the nation’s number one polling and data analyst, Nate Silver about whether and how Trump can win in November. This hour On Point, the voice of the delegates, and we go to the numbers. — Tom Ashbrook


Eli Stokols, national politics reporter covering the 2016 presidential race for POLITICO. (@EliStokols)

Patricia Lightner, alternative delegate for Donald Trump from the Kansas State Republican Party. Former Kansas State Representative. (@lightner4joco)

Sondra Ziegler, delegate for Sen. Ted Cruz from the Texas State Republican Party. Member of the "Free the Delegates" movement. (@sondraziegler)

Alex Willette, delegate for Donald Trump from the Maine State Republican Party. Member of the Republican National Convention Rules Committee. (@alexwillette)

Rep. Mike Conaway, Congressman representing Texas' 11th Congressional District. (@ConawayTX11)

Nate Silver, founder and editor in chief of Author of "The Signal and the Noise." (@NateSilver538)

Harry Enten, senior political writer and analyst for (@ForecasterEnten)

From Tom’s Reading List

POLITICO: Chaos erupts on GOP convention floor after voice vote shuts down Never Trump forces — "The Republican party came within a whisker of reaching the unity it had long sought Monday. What it got instead was convention floor chaos. After mounting for weeks, tension exploded into a high-profile fight pitting the Donald Trump campaign and Republican National Committee leadership against a coalition of conservative activists and delegates from the 'never Trump' movement."

Associated Press: Tumlut At GOP Convention Over Effort To Stop Trump — "Republicans cast Donald Trump as the right man for turbulent times as they opened their presidential convention Monday against a backdrop of unsettling summer violence and deep discontent within their own party."

FiveThirtyEight: The States That Delivered Huge, Huge Numbers For Trump Got Tremendous Convention Seats -- "Looking at contests through Indiana, the margin of victory for Trump in a state was the biggest predictor of where that state is sitting. The relationship isn’t perfect, but, generally speaking, the harder a state broke for Trump, the closer its delegation is to the main stage."

This program aired on July 19, 2016.


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