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Lady Lamb’s Guide For ‘Tender Warriors’

This article is more than 6 years old.

Singer-songwriter Lady Lamb offers a manifesto for Tender Warriors with her latest album. She’s in our studio.

Lady Lamb, aka Aly Spaltro, in a recording session at Dudley Farm Historic State Park in Florida. (Courtesy Lady Lamb)
Lady Lamb, aka Aly Spaltro, in a recording session at Dudley Farm Historic State Park in Florida. (Courtesy Lady Lamb)

Lady Gaga danced large at the Super Bowl. But we’re talking with a different lady today. Lady Lamb. Singer, songwriter out of Maine and Brooklyn. Now she tours the world. A kind of indie mystic visionary. An ecstatic seer. A new psalmist. Her new album is "Tender Warriors Club." She’s singing that we need to be tender – with ourselves and others – to be truly strong. This hour On Point, Lady Lamb. — Tom Ashbrook


Aly Spaltro, aka Lady Lamb, musician and songwriter. Her new album is “Tender Warriors Club.” (@ladylambjams)

From Tom’s Reading List

Consequence Of Sound: Lady Lamb’s new EP Tender Warriors Club -- "Described as her 'attempt to focus on intimacy and vulnerability, both musically and thematically,' the seven-song EP was written in Spaltro’s native Maine, her current hometown of Brooklyn, and in a home studio in rural Sweden, where it was also recorded."

NPR Music: Love, Fear And Lady Lamb: A New Album, And A New Openness — "I really wanted to make a conscious effort in this record to be more open, to make something that was more about myself and my life and my family and my fears and loves rather than my last work, which was more about what I wanted from others, you know, that I couldn't have."

Rolling Stone: Hear Lady Lamb's Lush New Album of Surrealist Folk-Rock 'After' -- "Aly Spaltro began playing music in her hometown on the coast of Maine when she was 18 years old, jamming in secret and teaching herself as many instruments as she could get her hands on. When her collection grew too large for her room, she asked her boss at Bart & Greg's DVD Explosion whether she could keep her new equipment in the store's basement."

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"Heaven Bent"

"Salt" (LIVE)

"Billions of Eyes"


"Kurtie Bear, Keep Your Teeth"

"Crater Lake" (LIVE)

"Spat Out Spit"

"Vena Cava"


"Ten" (LIVE)

"Crane Your Neck"

"We Are Nobody Else"

This program aired on February 10, 2017.


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