The Male Advantage In Online Dating

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A man books six dates in one night. The women find out. What’s going on with modern dating?

The six women who set up dates with Justin Schweiger. (Photo Courtesy Alexandra Woody)
The six women who set up dates with Justin Schweiger. (Photo Courtesy Alexandra Woody)

We know digital dating can be rugged, but the story that unfolded Monday night in Washington was next level. Justin Schweiger set up at a bar in Washington with six – count ‘em: six! – young women lined up for dates. Stacked, one after another. Overlapping even. The women figured it out. Called Justin out on social media as he churned through the line-up. It went national. This hour On Point: Digital dating, the man who booked six dates in one night, and the gender balance of power in dating now. -- Tom Ashbrook


Lisette Pylant, social media manager and barista at China Town Coffee in northeast Washington. First woman in Justin Schweiger's six-date series in a single evening. (@LisettePylant)

Alexandra Woody, the fifth woman in Schweiger's six-date series. (@AlexWoody10)

Emily Witt, investigative journalist and writer, focusing on modern dating from a feminist perspective. Author of, "Future Sex." (@embot)

Alex Williamson, head of branding and “resident de facto love doctor” at Bumble.

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New York Magazine: 6 Women Join Forces to Get Even With Dude Who Scheduled Individual Dates With All of Them in a Single Night — "Lisette Pylant turned 26 over the weekend. When her friends caught her texting her cheating ex-boyfriend while they were out celebrating, they decided to take matters into their own hands by finding and introducing her to a random guy in the bar — a normal-seeming dude named Justin. Justin bought Pylant a drink and the pair made plans for a follow-up date on Monday at the Truxton Inn in Washington, D.C. But Justin wasn’t just any guy, and their date wasn’t just any date. What was about to unfold was an internet saga so dramatic and so ridiculous you’d say 'that could never happen' if you saw it in a movie.

Washington Post: The definitive timeline of one D.C. dude’s attempt at a 6-date night ― as told by the women — "While the rest of us were enthralled by the 'Bachelorette' finale on Monday night, six women in Washington became unwitting participants in an epic dating game of their own.Lisette Pylant met up with Justin Schweiger for a first date over drinks that evening, only to discover 45 minutes in that he’d double-booked. Or rather, she learned as the night went on, that he’d planned six consecutive dates at the same bar."

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This program aired on August 11, 2017.


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