Radio Diary: A Family's Lessons From Australia's Coronavirus Lockdown

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Megan and Craig Bates and their two sons. (Courtesy)
Megan and Craig Bates and their two sons. (Courtesy)

Australia has managed to nearly eliminate the spread of coronavirus. Not that long ago, Megan Bates, Craig Bates, their two sons and the rest of Melbourne, Australia emerged from one of the longest, most restrictive COVID-19 lockdowns anywhere in the world.

At first, the lockdown was difficult. "People were feeling really stretched," Craig says. "But to be able to look into a Christmastime and a summer holiday for us ... is the best we could possibly hope for." In this radio diary, we hear from Megan and Craig about their experiences in lockdown, and why it was worth it.

This segment aired on December 9, 2020.

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Dorey Scheimer Senior Editor, On Point
Dorey Scheimer is a senior editor at On Point.



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