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Point taken: Your voicemails on finding fulfillment at work

Cropped shot of technology and a notebook on a desk in an empty home office during the day. (Getty Images)
Cropped shot of technology and a notebook on a desk in an empty home office during the day. (Getty Images)

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We get many voicemails, emails and social media messages with your thoughts, concerns and questions. Here are just a few of the voicemails you sent us about work as a source of fulfillment in life.

Kyle Samejima in Minneapolis

I'm the executive director of a nonprofit called Minneapolis Climate Action. Yes, I do look for transformation and fulfillment at work. Because I don't see it as completely separate from my life.

Ed Kitlowski in Baltimore

I was a special education teacher for 33 years, and for me the work was a transformative experience. It was one that I felt made a difference in people's lives more than mine making money or becoming famous.

Ann Coleman in Troy, Michigan

My husband and I, who chose meaningful work, make a lot less money than those people who chose to just work for the money. We don't strive for the material things the way we see our friends striving for, that have less meaning in their work. I think people are moved to spend a lot more money on those things that will make them feel better because their work isn't making them feel better.

Scott Kinder Pyle in Liberty Lake, Washington

I am a 58-year-old Presbyterian minister working as a hospice chaplain. I think transcendence is found in my work as people authentically face their own deaths, and I think it's facing our mortality, honestly, in those moments when we experience transcendence.

Stefano Kotsonis Senior Producer, On Point
Stefano Kotsonis is a senior producer for WBUR's On Point.


Sydney Wertheim Associate Producer, On Point
Sydney Wertheim is an associate producer for On Point.



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