Dr. Jim O'Connell with a patient. (Courtesy BHCHP)


May 24, 2024

On the streets, providing care starts with paying close attention

“As I was getting to know people, I started to write down their stories. I realized what courageous lives they were living -- despite these awful odds,” says Dr. Jim O’Connell, the president of Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. "They were stories that would inspire all of us,...

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The author (left) with her wife at a friend's wedding in 2001. (Courtesy Meaghan Shields)


May 15, 2024

'I wanted to say forever and mean it': 20 years of marriage is a lot to be proud of

A legal ruling carried us through our wedding ceremony, protecting our medical, financial and parental rights, writes Meaghan Shields. But it’s the work my wife and I have put into our relationship that has made our marriage.


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