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'I Think The Country Is In A Tough Spot': Boston Trump Supporter Hopes For Unity07:03

Parson Hicks (Jesse Costa/WBUR)
Parson Hicks (Jesse Costa/WBUR)
This article is more than 4 years old.

Parson Hicks made her voice heard in this election — last month when she cast her ballot in early voting for Donald Trump, and this past summer when she was an alternate delegate at the Republican National Convention. Hicks, a Boston Resident, had the job of announcing how many delegates from Massachusetts were pledging their allegiance to Trump.

Hicks is not in the usual Trump demographic. The 35-year-old is black, she's got a master's degree from Harvard, and she says she's a feminist.

She was ebullient that day at the convention. And today, she says she's overwhelmed and overjoyed by Trump's victory. But her close friends and family members supported Hillary Clinton, and Hicks says she has empathy for them in their candidates' loss, and she hopes the country can unify. She spoke with WBUR's All Things Considered.

This segment aired on November 9, 2016.


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