Governor Deval Patrick

The comparisons between Deval Patrick and Barack Obama are numerous, but as one sails into Washington with the wind at his back, the other climbs Beacon Hill under a Sisyphean boulder. Knee-deep in a ponderous budget crisis, Patrick has gone from "together we can" to "alone I cut." His treasured educational reforms seem miles away; the loftiest goal of state government now seems merely to stanch the bleeding.

We're very excited to have Governor Deval Patrick in for the full hour this week on Radio Boston. He'll be taking your phone calls and emails. Leave a comment or a question below; we're collecting as much as we can in advance of this Friday's airtime.

What in the budget should be cut, and what should be off-limits? Halfway through his first term, are you happy with your Governor? We hope we'll hear from you!

Not only will this special edition of Radio Boston air on WBUR, it will also air on WFCR/WNNZ in Amherst and WAMC in Albany. The whole state will be listening. You should too.

This program aired on January 23, 2009. The audio for this program is not available.


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