Patrick in the Crosshairs

With all the action in the gubernatorial race this week, we've decided that our show about Storrow Drive and the Esplanade is going to have to wait until next Friday.

If you don't know already, Charlie Baker entering the race on Wednesday was a big deal. Despite his formidable resume, the Republican insurance exec is virtually unknown outside of political circles. Nonetheless, he pulled 36% against Patrick's 41% in a hypothetical Rasmussen head-to-head a couple weeks ago.

Of course, right now it's not looking like a head-to-head in 2010. State Treasurer Tim Cahill dropped out of the Democratic Party earlier in the week, in what is universally perceived as the prelude to an independent run for the commonwealth's top job.

The question of the hour seems to be: would Cahill split the anti-Patrick vote and thus ensure Patrick's reelection, or would he split the Democratic vote thus opening the door for a Republican?

We'll explore that question this Friday. Listeners, here is what we want to hear from you: what is the source and scope of Patrick's vulnerability? The Governor came into office with tremendous excitement and support; how far have things fallen?

In this age of Obama, an age of incredible Democratic dominance nationwide, do you think it's possible for this bluest of blue states to elect another GOP governor?

This program aired on July 10, 2009. The audio for this program is not available.


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