A 'Figment' Of Your Imagination At Cambridge River Fest

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Rose Petal Pool by Rounder (Joanne Jovinelly/Figment)
Rose Petal Pool by Rounder (Joanne Jovinelly/Figment)

Don't take Memorial Drive on Saturday between Western Ave and JFK: You may crush a cardboard replica of Boston.

The 31st annual Cambridge River Festival sees a new addition called Figment, a participatory arts event that started in New York in 2007. In addition to wandering around the one-240th scale model of the city, you can dive into a giant pool filled with rose petals or take a blindfolded walk through silk.

"It's the opposite of the gallery experience, where you're not allowed to touch and you're not supposed to play, and you're supposed to stand there and look and appreciate it," says Jason Turgeon, Figment's organizer. "We wanna be the exact opposite of that."

For more photos of last year's event, check out Figment's photo gallery. Do you think Figment is crazy, cool or both? Let us know in the comments.

Huw Roberts produced this story.


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