La Vida Scholarship Asks Families To Invest

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There are scores of scholarship opportunities for low-income, first-generation college students. Most have one or two requirements: need and, sometimes, ability.

But a new scholarship program in Lynn piles on another requirement: $50 a month for three years. Relative to what college costs these days, it's not much. But La Vida Scholars founder Bob Hildreth says its just enough to get families feeling invested in their children's college education. We talk to Hildreth and some of the families and students he's helping send to college this year.


  • Bob Hildreth, founder and director of Families United in Educational Leadership; co-founder of La Vida, Inc.
  • Maria Avalos, parent of Ana Avalos, a La Vida Scholar
  • Meilyn Santamaria, one of the students completing the La Vida Scholars program, attending Boston University this fall

This program aired on June 21, 2010.


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