Google And Your Privacy In The Wireless Age

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A Google Street View vehicle in Copenhagen (Christian Johannesen/Flickr)
A Google Street View vehicle in Copenhagen (Christian Johannesen/Flickr)

Google's unofficial motto may be "Don't Be Evil," but privacy advocates say the latest controversy over its wireless  data mining smacks of something sinister. The company admitted to collecting more than just "street views" with its roving cameras — including personal data and passwords from home Wi-Fi networks. Google says it mistakenly went too far and has no plans to use the personal data.

Law suits in federal court accuse Google of breaking federal wiretapping laws. Attorney General Martha Coakley recently joined with dozens of other states and countries in investigating the breach, and a Massachusetts company is filing a class-action suit.

We discuss the case with a privacy advocate and consider whether our dependence on wireless tech might be compromising our most sensitive data.


This program aired on June 29, 2010.


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