Mass. Presses On With Proposed Gun Restrictions

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On Thursday, two youths were indicted in the killing of 14-year-old Nicholas Fomby-Davis, who was allegedly pulled off a scooter on a Dorchester street, held down and then shot to death. It was the latest in a series of killings on the streets of Boston that have spurred renewed action on gun control on Beacon Hill.

A bill proposed by Gov. Deval Patrick would limit the number of firearms a person could purchase to one per month. But on Monday, the same day that the bill finally made it out of a House committee, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that may have serious implications for the measure, as well as gun laws already on the books in Massachusetts.

We look at what impact the Supreme Court's ruling could have on the state's efforts to clamp down on gun violence.


This program aired on July 2, 2010.


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