Orchestra Brings Classical to Non-Classical Spaces

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Boston has its classical music culture, its conductor-heroes, its famed orchestras. But the places where the music can actually heard are usually limited to Symphony Hall, the New England Conservatory or Tanglewood. Supposed you lived on Blue Hill Avenue and loved Beethoven. Where could you go to hear the music?

Thanks to the Landmarks Orchestra, you may not have to go far.

Founded in 2001, the Landmarks Orchestra is the brainchild of the passionate, peripatetic conductor, Charles Ansbacher. The maestro has conducted orchestras from Azerbaijian to Bosnia, Croatia, South Africa, Moldova and Vietnam.

Upon moving to Boston, Ansbacher wondered, If he could bring music to Sarajevo, why couldn't he do the same in Roxbury, Dorchester or Charlestown? For the past nine years, the Landmarks Orchestra has performed in spaces as unorthodox as the Charlestown Naval Yard to a station of the MBTA.

Ansbacher joins us in a conversation about how the globally-renowned conductor has become the paragon of hyper-local celebrations of classical music.


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This program aired on July 5, 2010.


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