Going Out To Eat, Sans Restaurant

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Chefs without a restaurant. Foodies without a care.

These days, more and more diners are eschewing the traditional tablecloth and flatware for a night out incognito.  Translation: Boston's underground supper clubs are the new black.

How do you get invited? Join an e-mail list and stay close to your inbox. Details of the dinner will be sent a few weeks ahead of time, and if you decide to add it to your calendar, you better RSVP right away.

The location of this delicious destination will be sent to you some 24 hours beforehand. Be ready to bring cash or a check for somewhere about $50.00. And get ready to mingle. You'll be sitting at a table with fellow foodies and, most likely, total strangers.

Three hours and ten courses later, you're on your way to digesting that first underground supper club experience.  Today we'll take you to a O.N.C.E. dinner and speak with two chefs who are leading the pack. Most important, we want to know your thoughts. Have you ever been?

This program aired on July 8, 2010.


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