When To Tweet — And When To Disconnect

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You're out for a walk. Maybe you're on your lunch break, trying to steal a few extra minutes to clear your head. Or maybe you're on vacation, strolling through the woods, or on the beach, away from it all.

Except, that phone is there — on your hip, or in your bag, or maybe tucked in your shoe, right next to your towel. And it's calling you.

Author William Powers describes the moment:

Someone you know has just seen a great movie. Someone else has an idle thought. There's been a suicide bombing in South Asia. Stocks soared today. Pop star has a painful secret. Someone has a new opinion. Someone is in a taxi. Please support this worthy cause. He needs that report from you — where is it? Someone wants you to join the discussion. A manhunt is on for the killers...

Wouldn't it be nice to unplug? Can you?

Powers, author of the New York Times bestseller, "Hamlet's Blackberry," think it's possible, even necessary. In fact, he does it every weekend. Powers joins Radio Boston to share what he has learned.

This program aired on August 5, 2010.


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