Note To Profs: College Students Don't E-Mail

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After weeks of sultry summer weather, it feels like autumn again — and the rain appears to be with us for a few days, at least.

It's just one sign of the coming onslaught. Other signs: The Green Line will soon be jam-packed again, parking will be tougher than usual, and soon we'll see the streets of Boston littered with those carts carrying comforters and computers, as the Class of 2014 moves into dorm rooms and shared apartments.

There are a few things professors should take into account as they greet incoming students:

  • They probably don't wear wristwatches.
  • They don't know how to write in cursive.
  • They think e-mail is too slow. (Texting is faster.)

These all come from the Mindset List released every year by Beloit College in Wisconsin. The list highlights some of the cultural touchstones that incoming college freshmen have always known to be true. And it's really meant to keep their professors from sounding like old fogies and making dated references to — oh, I don't know — maybe a time when there were only three channels on TV?

We handed the list over to some Boston University faculty and got their reactions.

Huw Roberts produced this story.


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