Harvard Student Center Beckons Non-Believers

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When the new school year starts at Harvard, an unusual sign will beckon students. It's across the street from the Catholic student center and not far from the Jewish Hillel house, and it reads: "If you call yourself atheist, agnostic, spiritual, secular or cynical, then you could probably call yourself a humanist."

That sign marks the entrance to the first-ever humanist student center in the country.

It's the brainchild of Harvard's humanist chaplain, Greg Epstein. He's a graduate of Harvard's Divinity School; he's an ordained humanist rabbi; and he's the author of the recent best-seller "Good without God: What a Billion Non-believers Believe."

Would a humanist center for nonbelievers appeal to you? Do you wish there had been such a thing when you were in college? Is a humanist center on a college campus long overdue? Or do you think there's something immoral about creating a college center for nonbelievers?


This program aired on August 31, 2010.


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